shea and connor + beautiful bouquet
Shea + connor forever // a wedding

I had so much fun with these two. [check out their engagement vid if you don’t believe me!] Their families, their love for each other, their passion for exploring, traveling, and a penchant for always looking on the bright side… SERIOUSLY they are SO GREAT!

shea samani connor smith


cake cutting

shea and dad

d funk!

June 22nd, 2013 was truly a magical day. Shea Samani became Shea Smith and Connor became probably the happiest groom Lincoln, Nebraska has ever seen! Congrats, you two. Thank you for letting me share in your beautiful day.

the awesome vendors/artists!


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  1. Lynn says:

    I know there will be a time when I can watch this without getting a lump in my throat while grinning like a cheshire cat at the same time. But for now I am totally reveling in your masterful video that has me remembering such a perfect day for two perfectly matched people. You captured Connor and Shea’s celebration in such a wonderful, heart-warming way. I love the video, Kaylee! Kudos!!!

    1. kaylee says:

      oh, this comment makes me tear up. thanks, lynn. i was so happy to be there and make this for them [and for you!!]

  2. Marti Leishman says:

    Kaylee…that was amazing and a treasure to have! You captured all the wonderful moments of that night! Love it!

    1. kaylee says:

      Thank you Marti! I had so much fun with these two. :)

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