Matt and Molly are the bomb. I’ve had the privilege of knowing this feisty duo since college. While Matt and I sweated over film theory classes, Molly sweated in India, Thailand, and Vietnam during her Semester at Sea. Matt and Molly began dating in 2010, during Matt and I’s junior year of college. After college, she and Marc worked at the same advertising company in our hometown. And now, of course, we all live in LA!

I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years that I’ve known these guys as a couple. And WHAT a great pair they make.

Matt is an editor, like I am, and Molly is in marketing, like Marc. All of us understand working stupid-long hours, so it was SUCH a relief to get a fun weekend away in Joshua Tree for this shoot. These two are all about adventuring (check out Molly’s instagram if you want to see the cutest photos of ice cream along with awesome travel pics). They got engaged in Florence, Italy, near a replica of the David statue. So it’s only fitting that we traveled for their photos – to see them in their natural environment!

These two are incredibly special to me. Enjoy the pics!

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