brooklyn bohac by wyn wiley

She is one of those people who radiates independence. Life has dealt her some hard blows, and she’s not afraid to admit that sometimes just waking up in the morning is an overwhelming difficulty. But she doesn’t let the world overwhelm her. Instead, she has made it her own.

I’m honored to introduce you to Brooklyn Bohac. Not only is she an accomplished young photographer, but she is also expecting a baby girl in a few short weeks.

Her story is truly incredible. I met my pal Wyn for coffee one day, and as usual he entertained me with some really hilarious and interesting anecdotes because, as we all know, his life is unendingly interesting. And then he stopped smiling suddenly and said, “Kaylee. There is this amazing woman I know whose story you won’t believe.” He continued to tell me that, at age 20, the love of Brooklyn’s life, Trevor, was killed in a horrible car crash. One month after the accident, Brooklyn discovered that she was pregnant. In the matter of only a couple weeks, her life was completely changed. Twice.

brooklyn bohac by wyn wiley I knew I had to capture Brooklyn’s story. Not only for her, but for her daughter as well. Trevyn (an adorable mixture of “Trevor” and “Brooklyn”) will never know her father except for the pictures and words her family passes on to her. I want her to know how much her mother loved her father, and how much Trevor would have loved her if he could be here today. I want her to know that she is truly a miracle.

So Wyn took photos, and I took video. I promise that Brooklyn’s story will move you. Watch it below:

All photos by Wyn Wiley Photography, ©2013. See more photos of Brooklyn here and more of my videos here.



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  1. Nikki Rafat says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! There are no other words.
    I met Brooklyn through mutual friends and she was our wedding photographer. The whole time she was in my bridal room all she could talk about was Trevor and how much he meant to her even through their break ups and silly fights. I only was around her on my wedding day and I could tell that she had a special kind of love with him. Her story has touched my heart and I think often about her and that blessing from GOD. I pray for peace and comfort in knowing that he’s alive in your heart Brooklyn :) love to you and your family. Best of luck in the future with your sweet baby girl,

  2. Shauna Groenewold says:

    I happened upon this in a round about way. I love this collaborative effort. So much heart went into this project, definitely something to be proud of. I retouch for a mutual friend Paula Guererro (Captured Memories) and happened on your work through her.

    1. kaylee says:

      Thanks, Shauna! I love Paula :)

  3. Rachael says:

    how! I love all your work Kaylee, its lovely to see you create with the gifts our Lord has provided.

    shalom from Tel Aviv,


    1. kaylee says:

      Thanks lady!! Hope you’re doing well!

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