Brianna Brill maternity photo

Brianna and Adam Brill are two spectacular humans. Bri (pronounced Brye, not like the French cheese) is an actress, model, musician, dancer, artist, and fitness enthusiast. When we first met, we were hiking in the mountains with some friends. I was breathing hard from the altitude and general state of un-fitness, but she was bounding ahead while telling me about her life, which was pretty exciting. She got married very young. I don’t often meet people who got married younger than Marc and I did, at age 22, but here she was. Married at 18.

Bri and Adam moved to California simply because: why not? After a stint in SanFran, where Adam started a company with his brother, they moved south to LA so that Bri could more easily pursue her acting career. Eventually Bri decided that other desires superseded acting – but she and Adam loved the city so much that they decided to stay and start a family. Adam’s company is growing and doing well, and Bri is still dancing – even at 40 weeks pregnant!

Without further ado, please enjoy these baby bump / maternity photos of this radiantly happy couple awaiting their firstborn.

brianna brill maternity photos

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