Amanda Wolter has become one of my very best friends since I moved to this crazy city. She’s graced this blog with her presence many times (here and here and here) and now I’m thrilled to share the most recent set of photos we’ve done together: her baby bump pics!

David and Amanda are waiting til the little tyke is born to find out the gender. I’m betting on a boy, but I guess we’ll have to wait til september 1st to find out!

Without further ado, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy the cuteness!amanda_wolter_baby_bump-1 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-2 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-3 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-6 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-8 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-10 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-11 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-13 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-15 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-16 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-17 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-18 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-19 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-20 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-21 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-23 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-24 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-28 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-31 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-32 amanda_wolter_baby_bump-35

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